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Edition 390 – Cats in the Cradle

It’s 50 years next year since Harry Chapin’s incredible piece of music about how life quickly passes us by was first released. Whilst most people will have heard the song at some time or other over the years, my guess is that few have stopped to listen to the lyrics. Fewer still, would have taken the time to ponder what those lyrics actually mean for them, their life and for the relationships they have with their own children.

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Edition 389 – Bula!

Late last week, I joined four other keynote presenters and the GSL Media team at their “Stronger” conference for their Sunshine Coast business owner clients, at the beautiful Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa, Natadola Bay. It was my first ever trip to Fiji and the hospitality of the locals, and the luxurious tropical surroundings, certainly didn’t disappoint.

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Edition 388 – The Weather Forecast

Back 20 years ago, when I was a partner in a four partner practice, with an office in Sydney and another in Adelaide, Nick Matsis was one of my business partners. I often referred to Nick as the wise, old sage of the business, even though, in reality, he wasn’t that much older than me. It’s just that his ability to sit there and see your issue from a different perspective, helped me to gain clarity at a time when a solution may have seemed well into the distance.

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Edition 387 – Just Keep Going

You’re on a path in business and things aren’t quite how you want them to be. You think about it deeply and feel there are changes to make. Some of the changes are subtle, others transformational. However, you’re convinced it’s the right path, not for the short term, but the future. Even though you’re moving away from your comfort zone, it feels right. So, you decide to get going.

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Edition 384 – Hitting The Wall

I recently spoke at a boutique, one day conference for business leaders in the health industry. It’s always good to stand up in front of a bunch of small and family business owners and talk to them about building a better business for themselves and in the process, building a better life.

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