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Edition 273 – The Numbers

Last night, the Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg handed down his third budget and this Government’s eighth. In a bold statement, the Treasurer placed an emphasis on using the twin pillars of rising employment and falling welfare dependency to drive the budget bottom line.

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Edition 272 – Mowing the Lawn

The funny thing about mowing the lawn is that you need to do it regularly. Every week in the summer. Fortnightly in the winter. Otherwise, it gets overgrown, quickly. The weeds take hold, leaves and bark from your garden end up on the grass and generally, it starts to look a bit of a mess.

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Edition 269 – Tragedy

Around six weeks ago, there was a horrific level crossing accident in Central Western New South Wales. Two men died when their B double truck, carting gypsum, collided with a freight train. It was late afternoon and investigations are still continuing as to the cause of this tragedy.

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Edition 266 – Going Local

My wife and I recently took a nine day trip to Port Stephens, three hours north of Sydney. It’s an old family holiday stomping ground from the days when our sons were youngsters and Trish’s Mum, Peggy, would join us for a week by the beach. We made the decision to venture back to somewhere we’d not spent a lot of time at since 2007 as a combined result of:

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Edition 265 – Profitable Analysis

Sadly, most people have no idea what parts of their business generate a profit and what parts generate a loss. Whilst monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements might report a Profit or Loss, all that tells you is the totality of the business performance for the period. It doesn’t actually show you how the profit is actually generated..

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