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Edition 210 – Emma

It was Easter Saturday 1993 and the plan was to pop out to the supermarket and pick up some fruit and vegetables. We were in the middle of a lazy Easter weekend and the weather was overcast. As we headed into Campbelltown Mall, the Pet Shop strategically positioned on the corner of one of the main entry had some Boxer dogs inside.

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Edition 206 – Totally Absorbed

It was before 5am on a Saturday morning. The sun wasn’t up, however Prince, our King Charles Cavalier was. Leaving the back door slightly ajar the previous evening meant that he was the first to notice the dawn chorus. The Willy Wagtails were the opening act and, if there’s the opportunity, Prince quickly follows, even before the Kookaburras break into their glorious early morning song.

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Edition 204 – Dusk Till Dawn

One of the most powerful songs I have heard over the past few years is the duet from Zayn and Sia, Dusk Till Dawn. In the modern era of an artist featuring another one, for me it is one of the best combinations not only in terms of the music, but also the lyrics.

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Edition 202 – Unfiltered

Most family businesses will wrap up this coming Friday for the well deserved Christmas break. It’s been a long year for a lot of people. Changing economic conditions. Low interest rates. Confounding election results. An increased conversation around climate. Head space in the family business space has been crammed with a lot of stuff. Most people are ready to pull up stumps and get away.

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