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Dean Robinson specialises in working with Family Owned and Privately Controlled Businesses.

Dean’s best client relationships, and his most rewarding work has been with businesses whose owners:

  • Can make real time decisions without the need to seek board direction.
  • Are willing to listen to, and implement independent advice.
  • Accept the notion that if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.
  • Are adaptable to a changing business environment – and are willing to embrace that change.
  • Are innovative in what they do, how they do it or why they do it.
  • Want to grow their Family Business – either to build a financial asset to establish a benefit for the family for years to come, or to build lasting Family Business legacy.

Dean is always looking to work in more depth with a wider variety of Family Businesses. He works with businesses in manufacturing, professional services, building, engineering, wholesale and retail – and brings a wide range of expertise across many industry disciplines to the table when working with Family Businesses. If you have a Family Business that wants “different” and not “the same” then why not contact Dean? He’d love to hear your Family Business story – and see whether there is something that he could help you with to enable you to realise your Family’s Personal, Financial and Lifestyle Goals through the channel of your Family Business.


Do you need help in setting a course for your Family Business? We help Family Businesses set Profit Targets, Sales Forecasts and Cashflow Projections to give them peace of financial mind


Wealth doesn’t just happen. It should be planned for, created gradually, protected feverishly and transferred responsibly. What are you doing to create wealth for you and your family?


Family Businesses undertake many transitions throughout their life cycles. Each presents challenges and opportunities. What stage is your business at?


What’s a plan without accountability? It’s still a plan – just gathering dust. Do you need help in sticking to the longer term goals for your Family Business?


How you want to grow is influenced by how you see yourself today, where you see yourself tomorrow and your ability to cross the chasm between the two. What sort of growth are you after?


It’s amazing what a little bit of profit can do for your Family Business! Profit Maximisation is not about Expense Minimisation. It is about identifying where small improvements can create significant impact


The greatest failure of most Family Businesses in Australia is their inability or unwillingness to step outside it, set a vision for tomorrow, then step back inside and implement it. Does this sound like your Family Business?
Arrange your no obligation 45 minute consultation with Dean to learn how he can help your family business.