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Family Business

Family Business

Over 20 Years of Business Success Stories

Family business is the most dynamic and enterprising sector not only in Australia, but globally. Family businesses are inventive, creative and adaptable. They are able to make quick decisions that create significant opportunities for the owners, employees, clients and the wider community. My name is Dean Robinson and I have been working with family business my entire professional life. My aim is to help family businesses grow and prosper by focusing on the following key areas:


Family businesses that have a strategy have a pre-determined path they are walking down. By being aware of their strategy, they are able to isolate the important from the immediate and keep to the path.


Performance is all about accountability. How are you travelling vs what result were you expecting? What are the key numbers that are driving your business? How often are you measuring activity?


It’s all about ensuring the right people are in the right place doing the right thing in the right direction. Management is the key factor influencing the growth of any family business into the future.


What are you hoping to create for your family? Leaving a legacy is about passing the business down to the family members to continue building wealth and creating opportunities for generations to come.


Growing Your Family Business

Monitoring your family business

  • “Every family business has between 7 and 12 key business drivers. Every family business owner should know what they are, monitor them daily and keep asking “why” in relation to each one.”
  • “Be enthusiastic about your business, what it does and how it helps your clients. Otherwise, why are you doing it - and why should anyone engage with you?”
  • “In my 30 years of working with family businesses, the ones that have successfully transitioned from one generation to the next have exhibited the following attributes: - A 10 year apprenticeship served by the younger generation. - Everything from shop floor to the CEO’s desk must be learned, understood and worked. - An understanding of what the numbers in the business mean – and what happens if you don’t hit them.”
  • “Only profit can build value. Only profit can repay debt. Only profit can build a sustainable business that contributes economically and socially.”
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