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Being in business can be lonely, a group of trusted peers can make it easier

March 2024

Family Business Association of Australia and New Zealand reached out to Dean following a workshop he conducted on the Sunshine Coast in early March, 2024.

The newsletter he published in relation to the value of Family Business Forum groups can be read on the Family Business Association website now.

Small business lags behind in online business technology

May 2023

Dean was interviewed by Helen Hawkes for CPA Australia’s InPractice publication in relation to the CPA Australia Small Business Survey for 2021/2022, released in early 2023.

Business sentiment and growth are bouncing back post-Covid-19 lockdowns, but many Australian small businesses still need to focus on online services, technology and innovation to drive high growth. 

Shareholder agreement key to avoiding family business disputes

June 2022

Dean was interviewed by Megan Breen for CPA Australia’s InPractice publication in relation to the importance of Shareholder’s Agreements in small and family businesses.

There’s no doubt that going into business with family or friends can be rewarding, but if things sour it can quickly become incredibly difficult.