Edition 334 – Cyber Outages

Most small and family businesses think their IT investment should consist of new computers every few years and some anti-virus software. That’s it! No plan. No dedicated infrastructure renewal programme. Nothing to worry about, it seems, until something no longer works. Yet, all they’re thinking about is if something breaks. What about if you’re attacked from outside? Or even inside?

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Edition 331 – Rare As Hen’s Health

Most businesses can’t find staff right now. Anywhere. No one is immune, it would seem.

In a recent conversation with my good friend and business mentor, Phil Symchych, who resides in Regina, Saskatchewan, smack bang in the prairies of Canada, he remarked that on local commercial radio at the moment, he is hearing more advertisements for staff than he is for businesses advertising their wares.

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Edition 328 – Connectedness

A couple of weekends back, I took part in the Ford Falcon Tribute Cruise from Sydney to Mount Panorama in Bathurst.  After two years of no cruise due to COVID, this year’s event was in support of, and raised money for, the victims of domestic violence.

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