Edition 257 – Burnout

I’ve had some interesting conversations with family business owners and managers over the past few weeks. The return to work after the Christmas/New Year break inevitably brings up the issue of what people did with their time off. As many and varied as these people are, there’s a constant theme amongst all the conversations. Everyone was ready for 2020 to finish.

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Edition 256 – Take Pride

Last week, my wife and I took advantage of the Christmas/New Year break and ventured into regional New South Wales. A week of wine tasting, enjoying local produce, driving though gorgeous countryside and catching up with relatives was the perfect way to start 2021.

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Edition 253 – Where is Everyone?

Trying to find staff at the moment? So are plenty of others. It’s almost like there’s a chorus of “where is everyone?” amongst business owners and managers right now. It seems as if the issue doesn’t discriminate between industries or geographies. Everyone is singing the same tune.

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Edition 251 – Someone Special

December is always a month of celebration in our household, but this December is all the more special. On Friday of this week, my wife, Trish, celebrates a milestone birthday. As you know, a lady never discloses her age, so let’s just say there’s a zero in there somewhere.

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Edition 250 – Aspiration vs. Commitment

One of Australia’s best ever motor racing drivers, Canadian born Allan Moffat, once coined the term “Never let ambition outweigh ability”. A four time Australian Touring Car Champion and four times winner of the epic Bathurst 1000 kilometre endurance race, he certainly exhibited both in spades over a glorious 25 year career.

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