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Edition 281 – Four, Almost Five

Bob Hawke was the second. It was in my university days and being politically active, I was invited into the audience for the Nine Network’s Midday Show, where he appeared during the 1987 Election campaign. Of the four or so questions that were asked by the audience, the host, Ray Martin chose me for one of them. You’re on national television and you have the opportunity to put a question to a sitting Prime Minister. That was a lot of fun.

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Edition 276 – Contrasts

In an all day meeting with a family business client recently, we met with two separate bankers. My client’s current bankers have dropped the ball and have stopped servicing the client. In spite of there being a reasonable loan balance and the opportunity for the bank to further invest with the client, the bank have not assigned them a manager since before Christmas 2020. It was time to look around for an alternative and two were invited in for a meet and greet.

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