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Edition 304 – Education Re-think

When I started High School in 1980, around 75% of students bailed out at the end of Year 10. Most took up an apprenticeship or realised, as my good friend Danielle Robertson of DR Care Solutions recently referenced it, they were not Book Smart and were looking to become Life Smart.

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Edition 303 – Etiquette

It’s interesting being back in front of people these last couple of months after our extended lockdown. As we’ve re-engaged in a physical sense, I’ve found it eye-opening to observe not only some old patterns re-emerge, but notice behaviours inside of family businesses that, perhaps, the owners and managers are unaware of.

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Edition 300 – 300

Six years ago, when I started writing “Growth”, I never expected I’d reach Edition 300. Yet, here we are.

Part of the reason for writing was to release some creative energy I’d built up over the years. Part of it was to indulge in something that almost took me down a career path into journalism many years ago. I toyed with the idea of journalism in High School, only to make the decision to pursue Accounting as a career, primarily on the basis that, in my opinion, an Accountant was a better grounding than Journalism for what was then the ultimate ideal – pursuing a career in Politics.

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Edition 299 – Square Pegs, Round Holes


My friend and colleague from Portland, Oregon, Gary Furr, wrote a great piece in his weekly newsletter recently about the leadership qualities of individuals that he’d observed in his work amongst his clients. In particular, he referenced an example of a manager recruited from small business to run the operations of a much larger one and the issues that small business thinking created in a larger business. You can find his article here:

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Edition 298 – Mach 1

Cars have always been a hobby of mine. One of my first memories is standing on the bench seat of my father’s grey Chrysler Valiant R Series as it headed towards Dee Why Beach. My guess is that I was around three at the time and back then, I’d ask him what the other cars on the road were. An encyclopaedic knowledge of the automotive world was forming even before I could speak properly and, by and large, continues to this day.

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Edition 297 – Kevin

After heading out for dinner together for the first time in months, Trish and I piled into the car to head home. As we’re chatting away, Shirley Bassey’s classic “Goldfinger” roars into life on the stereo. Her distinctive voice is only topped by that delightful brassy sound – the trumpets and trombones belting away in the musical equivalent of an exclamation mark.

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Edition 295 – Sorry, I’m not coming back!

“Are you looking forward to opening back up?” I asked the cafe owner as he took my regular order, skim latte, extra hot.

“Sort of” he replied, with a hint of exasperation in his voice. “If we can just manage to get staff.”

Initially surprised at his response, my follow up question was “What about those that worked for you before lockdown?”

“Some will be back. A couple of others have chosen not to” was his response, with a slight look of despair on his face.

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