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Growth Newsletter

Edition 400 – Creative Writing

Back in January 2016, I commenced writing Growth and today, we’re celebrating 400 editions. Save for a couple of weeks each Christmas break, it’s almost 8 years that I’ve been writing this. Thanks to everyone that has read it, sent replies and provided commentary.

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Edition 399 – South Pacific

We grabbed our bags off the carousel, flung them onto one of the ubiquitous airport trolleys and made our way for the exit. The friendly face holding the sign of the company that arranged our transfer from Nadi Airport, in Fiji, to the Shangri La Yanuca Island, took us outside into the humid warmth of the night time air and introduced us to our driver.

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Edition 398 – The Commute

I stepped out for coffee early on a weekday. It’s not often I do, but on this day, with an appointment free diary and some prep work to get underway on an upcoming workshop for a group of professionals, I packed up my gear and headed for my local coffee place.

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Edition 396 – What’s Your Exit

I recently had occasion to spend time with around 40 small and family business owners attending a conference in Fiji.  As a guest speaker at the event, one of my tasks was to facilitate some short information sessions, talking with business owners about whatever happened to be on their mind.

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Edition 393 – Ramifications

I have a regular, early morning meeting in the City, so I leave home before sunrise and tackle the drive before the Sydney traffic truly takes hold. It’s amazing how many people are actually on the road at 4.30am, making their way in life, one day at a time, on the M5.

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Edition 391 – Gradual Improvement

It’s been a great year for working with some really interesting clients. Some of them have come via referral from others in my orbit. Others have come as a result of the fact that we’ve worked together previously. Each of them have been absorbing, not only in what their needs are, but who they are as individuals. It’s a pleasure and an honour to be invited inside of these family businesses and, by extension, these families.

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