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Edition 424 – TIME FOR A CHANGE

Our eldest son, Callum, is a big unit. The man mountain wasn’t always a large chap. A debilitating knee injury playing AFL ten years ago, which involved a full knee reconstruction, was when the weight started to pile on. His recovery from the operation was drawn out, exacerbated by a re-entry to hospital to treat a golden staph infection he contracted in the first round of proceedings.

Callum has tried numerous solutions over the years, but for whatever reason, they’ve not helped. His weight has been a concern for both of us as his parents, for a long time. Trish is wont to get emotional about it when she talks with him about his weight. Her intention is from the heart. Her delivery doesn’t necessarily marry with the intention.

Occasionally, I have a conversation with him about it. Last year, we stepped out for a Dad & Son dinner at the local pub and it was a topic that came up in conversation. I didn’t harp on the issue, as much as it has pained me to see it potentially turn into a long term one for him. However, my philosophy has always been, he will do something about it, when he’s ready to do something about it.

Recently, he’s gone and done something about it!

He consulted a medical professional and the first step in the journey is underway. I’m not only pleased that he’s finally made the choice, but proud of the fact that he has made a decision in his late 20’s, not left it for another 20 years when his quality of life, for the remainder of his life, could be greatly diminished.

I’ve been working with and consulting to family businesses for 37 years. I’ve met many business owners, their partners, their families, their staff – a huge array of people over that time.

Through almost four decades of working with these people, I can tell you this:

“People will only do something about changing, when they’re ready to do something about changing”.

I’ve been called into businesses where things are tough. In other situations, the business has run away from them and they’re swept up in the vortex of it all, as I referenced in this newsletter in Growth Edition 411 –

Irrespective of how much badgering these people receive from those in their inner circle, that things have to change, it won’t change until the switch is flicked one day.

For most people, that day arrives when the pain becomes too much. They can no longer deal with the way things are in their business and decide that either the business has to change, or they’re no longer in business.

For the minority, it’s because they want to run towards something more pleasurable. They’re happy doing what they’re doing. However, there’s something gnawing away at them about how their business could be more enjoyable, more fulfilling, more purposeful.

Whether it is pleasure or pain, we’ll only make the change, when we’re ready to make the change. The process of arriving at a decision can be a long one. When it’s finally made, they’re usually no turning back.

This Week’s Tip

“If someone in your inner circle wants to change, support them in their journey – don’t push them”.