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Edition 147 – It’s Only $1.50

I have a client on Sydney’s Northern Beaches that I visit quite regularly. My routine is to hop in the car early to beat the traffic, then stop off at this fabulous patisserie on the lower North Shore, three quarters of the way through my journey. My wife doesn’t know (well, she does now!), however, they do the best small quiche lorraine for breakfast that is magic.

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Edition 146 – Entrepreneurial Enthusiasm

I’ve recently starting working with some new clients who are also new to family business. I often talk about the fact that most people start in business between the ages of 30 and 45 – right at the time of life when they’re getting married, buying their first home together and starting a family. This couple fit the template to a tee!

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Edition 143 – Overpromising

Have you ever been around businesses or individuals that keep promising, but aren’t delivering? It can be frustrating and forever disappointing if you’re the one being told. If you’re the one doing the telling, it can be a recipe for disaster. Let me explain.

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Edition 141 – The Mountain

Last week, I took a few days away to indulge in one of my great passions. I headed off to Mount Panorama to watch the first two days of practice and qualifying for this year’s 1000 km classic. It was the final Bathurst run for the iconic Ford Falcon and I wanted to be a part of it.

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