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Edition 172 – Winning Lessons

Against all the odds, Scott Morrison led the Liberal National Coalition to a stunning victory in the 2019 Federal Election last Saturday. For three years, the opinion polls have consistently pointed to the Labor Party in front. The revolving doors of the Prime Ministership have continued throughout the last term of the Parliament. In actual fact, when ScoMo won the job last August, it’s fair to say he was the leader of a smouldering political wreck and a damaged brand. Yet, as he said on Election night, miracles happen.

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Edition 170 – Cramming

In my very first semester of University in 1986, word did the rounds prior to the first half exams that No Doze was effective in helping you cram for exams. At a tick over 18 at that time, I listened, considered then decided – performance enhancing drugs for accounting undergraduates – what’s the harm in giving that a go?

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