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Edition 154 – Beware

In July 1995, I attended a four day business development course at The Fairmont Resort at Leura in the Blue Mountains that I can honestly say changed my life. It moved me immediately away from being someone who reported the numbers, in arrears, to being someone who wanted to work with family business owners to create the numbers.

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Edition 153 – If You Seek, Don’t Seek!

If you default to Seek when you are searching for staff in your family business, you’ve not doubt noticed the serious deterioration in the quality of candidates responding to your advertisement in the past 12 months. Today, I’m challenging you to stop heading for Seek and instead, seek other means of finding staff to solve your labour issues.

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Edition 151 – Rest Up

By Friday afternoon this week, I’d guess that most of Australia will be shutting down. For a lot of family businesses, there is little use heading in on Monday the 24th, unless of course your business is providing an essential service.

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