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Edition 190 – Two Coffees and a Call

I love working with my clients. They’re all very interesting people. They each have different characteristics about their businesses, even if they’re in the same industries. Their lives are often fascinating, even when they think they’re bland. Their journeys can be incredibly inspiring, when they just might consider the path they’ve taken is normal, perhaps even mundane.

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Edition 184 – Assumptive Behaviour

Last Friday evening, Trish and I headed into Barangaroo, the newly redeveloped part of Sydney to take a look and indulge in some fine food and wine. The taking a look bit was pretty quick – the Antarctic blast that hovered around late last week meant standing beside Sydney Harbour was akin to being in the middle of the Canadian prairies in winter. We quickly headed for shelter.

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Edition 182 – It’s Not All About Profit

A client phoned me earlier this week. He was looking for a referral to a professional colleague for a friend of his wife’s. The friend’s relative had not felt well early last week and headed off to the doctor. He went home to rest up – and never woke up. In his early 60’s, pneumonia took him in the night, at home, on his own.

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