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Edition 192 – Marmaduke

Like most families, my own has plenty of stories from our past. In my mother’s case, there’s the story of how they came into contact with Pixie O’Harris, the Australian children’s author and artist, who was a contemporary of May Gibbs. My mother, to this day, still has the portrait of her as a 6 year old, painted by Pixie O’Harris, hanging in her home.

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Edition 191 – Gathering Moss

Family businesses are great at evolving. Often they start in the lounge room or the garage and move on to bigger and better things. The beauty of spending 30 years working with family businesses is that I’ve heard a lot of stories of how it has all started and what humble beginnings most of those family business owners have had.

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Edition 190 – Two Coffees and a Call

I love working with my clients. They’re all very interesting people. They each have different characteristics about their businesses, even if they’re in the same industries. Their lives are often fascinating, even when they think they’re bland. Their journeys can be incredibly inspiring, when they just might consider the path they’ve taken is normal, perhaps even mundane.

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