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Growth Newsletter

Edition 408 – Inflation Targets

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has a target bandwidth for inflation of 2-3%. That means, when inflation is low, it wants the economy to be ticking over at this rate so that it is growing moderately, that people’s personal wealth is growing moderately and that wages are growing moderately.

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Edition 405 – Fruit Mince Pies

Here we are, once again, at the back end of the year, in the season of the Fruit Mince Pie. My sister-in-law, Sue, makes the very best of them with delicious flaky pastry and her own fruit mince mix. My weight loss journey over the past 15 months will be severely tested by the delights of her cooking, this festive season.

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Edition 404 -Inflexible Banking

Australia’s four big banks really need to change their ways around how they lend to small and family business. If they don’t, a large disruptor is going to enter the finance space, quickly erode their small business market and in the process, put the business models of each of them at significant risk. Maybe that’s the rocket they need!

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Edition 403 – Flicker of Hope

I’ve been working with small and family businesses, and their owners, for more than three decades. It’s been an insightful and enjoyable journey, where I’m always grateful to have the opportunity to be invited into their businesses, their homes and their lives.

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Edition 402 – Playing Off

The building and construction industry really is messed up! You have a bunch of medium and larger players who control proceedings in terms of projects. They’re the ones that are negotiating the contracts with whomever the client is – Governments, Large Corporates, Developers.

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Edition 401 – Blessed

It’d been a long day in a client meeting. An early start combined with a late afternoon finish consisted of a lot of talking, advice and guidance. It was a very productive day,  much like the ones where you feel you’ve made an impact in someone’s life and their business.

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