Edition 46 – Ubiquity

Ubiquity. Most people have never heard of the term. It’s a big word. It has a big meaning. If you indulge in it, it may well yield big results for your business.

Ubiquity means everything, everywhere, all the time. If someone is ubiquitous, they are constantly in contact with you with offers and opportunities. In a lot of ways, they never leave you alone.

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Edition 42 – The Keys to Success

One of the great aspects of working with the owners and managers of family businesses is understanding what makes them tick. For some people, they’re looking for big financial wins. For others, the work they’re doing is a life long passion. For some others, it is their creative instincts that cut in.

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Edition 41 – Wake up Calls

In July of this year, I visited the doctor after experiencing some abdominal discomfort. I felt it was worth checking out, just in case. I was sent for a raft of tests. Bloods, ultrasounds, CT scans. It was time consuming and inconvenient. However, I wanted to find the cause of the problem and do something about it.

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