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Edition 8 – Create Goodwill To Build Goodwill

My wife and I endeavour to have a night out every couple of weeks.

For the most part, we usually go to a restaurant in Camden and spend a couple of hours indulging in some great cuisine, share a bottle of wine and talk about what is happening in our lives.

Recently, my wife decided that whilst she likes the restaurant we like to frequent, it was time for a change. We tried a place that we’d been to before. And will never go back to ever again.

It all started when we walked in the door. They weren’t that busy, but some tables had plates and leftover meals on them seemingly long after the patrons had departed.

We were greeted, if that is the correct word, without any remnant of a smile. In actual fact, there was no welcome.

We ordered our meals, opened our bottle of wine and within a short period of time, our entree turned up. There was a reason for the speed. The entree was pre-made and microwaved before it came to our table. It was dry and tasteless.

The main meal was not much better. The quality of the meat they used was poor. I’m no food buff, but gristle is gristle in any meat eater’s language.

And all the time, the meals were delivered to our table by the waitress who found it difficult to smile, let alone create an ambience.

The next week, we went back to our regular haunt. And what a contrast.

We were greeted at the door, even though we hadn’t booked, with a smile.

No other tables had the leftovers of prior diners as evidence of their former presence on the tables.

Our wellbeing was enquired of. A brief, non invasive but altogether welcoming conversation was struck up.

The meal took a little longer than our previous experience. But the flavour of the food was matched only by its freshness.

And then to top it all off, the chef came out, said hello and proceeded to thank us for making the trip in that evening.

The owners of this restaurant were creating goodwill with their customers through their engagement with their patrons, their passion for food that was fresh and full of flavour and with their attention to detail in its presentation.

Both restaurants are Family Businesses. I know. I’ve seen the family members of the owners in each of them in the past.

So the question for your Family Business is what are you doing every day to build Goodwill in your Family Business? Are you:

  1. Engaging with your customers at least with a sense of interest and gratitude that they’ve chosen you over your competition?
  2. Dedicated to delivering a great product or service to your customers?
  3. Exceeding customer expectations, or merely meeting them?
  4. Differentiating yourself from your competition with the little things that elevate you to a higher level?

This Week’s Tip

There’s not a lot of difference between greatness and mediocrity. It’s just that greatness requires a little bit of effort.

What effort are you putting in to build goodwill in your Family Business, every day?