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Edition 176 – Open For Business?

Remember the cafe I mentioned that undercharged me in Growth Edition 147 (It’s only $1.50)? Well, it seems they’ve got other issues as well.

Like opening the doors at 6am when they say they’ll be open.

Like turning the lights on, when the doors are open at 6am.

Like having the staff at the counter ready to take your order when the doors are open and the lights are eventually turned on.

Then when they do rock up to the counter, still with their apron only half on, asking you what you want without any hint of a “Good Morning” or a smile on their dial.

This is a high end pattisserie cafe on Sydney’s North Shore. The range of delights in their window is extraordinary and impeccably presented.

If only I could get in and make a purchase!

All too often, family businesses focus on their product, yet think very little of their service. We’ve built the best widget or baked the best cake – so stop fussing and just buy it! That’s the message I’m receiving.

It’s not really that hard to provide a good service. Or is it?

In a world where fast food chains charge as little as $1.00 for a coffee, it bamboozles me how the place that charges $5.00 for a similar product just can’t be bothered!

Truth is, if your family business is run like this, and you’re the owner, you need to head into the bathroom and spend a minute looking in the mirror. If nothing comes to mind, keep staring until it does.

Always, a family business will reflect what the leadership is conveying.

If you turn up late, your team will turn up late.

If you don’t take pride in your appearance, your team will do the same.

If you whinge about your customers, your team will take the lead from the person that pays their wages each week and join the chorus.

If you don’t articulate what is important in your family business, your team will all make their own decisions, independent of each other. It’ll end up a dog’s breakfast!

If you don’t open up on time, turn the lights on and greet your customers with a smile and a hello, well maybe your team won’t either.

And people wonder why their profits are down in business.

Shop a competitor’s business or a supplier’s business.
What can you learn about the experience they provided you, to ensure you blow your customers out of the water?