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Edition 4 – Welcome to our New Website

It’s been a long time in the making. And, finally, we’re proud to announce the launch of our new website.

There are a lot of people that we would like to thank for helping us get to this point.

Our web developers and marketing consultants at the Chad Barr Group have been sensational in their guidance, advice and support. Without them, we wouldn’t have the fabulous online tool that we are now proud to present.

We’d also like to thank the people that we know and engage with regularly. Banks, solicitors, our colleagues in the business world. All great people that we enjoy working with and learning from.

More than anything, we’d like to thank those of you that are our clients.

Some of you have been with Redmans for a long time. More than 30 years in some instances.

Others are recent converts.

Old friendships or new relationships, all of you have given us great ideas. Whether it is something that has worked in your business, or how we’ve worked together to solve a problem or create a different future, often, we’re fortunate to identify nuggets of gold that work in your business — and have application in others as well.

Our new website has a bunch of great information available to help you build your Family Business into what you want it to be to support you and your Family.

Some of the great learning includes:

  1. Newsletters — a back catalogue of our recently launced weekly newsletter, Growth! which will grow steadily throughout 2016.
  2. Podcasts — we’ve launched our very own Redmans Growing Family Business iTunes channel. Weekly we’ll upload our thoughts about Family Business, which you can listen to in your own time.
  3. E-Books — our special series of E-Books are available for download and reading. From the Crisis of Boredom in Family Business to How to Make your Bank love your Family Business, our E-Books will enable you to come to grips with some of the big issues that we see are impacting on Family Business in Australia today.
  4. Audiobooks — for those of you who prefer to listen rather than read, some of our E-Books have been recorded and uploaded to our iTunes channel. Download them and listen to them when you’re travelling in the car.

Throughout 2016, we will also be launching:

  1. Quarterly Breakfast Seminars — focused on issues impacting Family Business. Our first one is scheduled for Wednesday 11th May, 2016 where we will look at how the 2016/2017 Federal Budget will affect you and your Family Business.
  2. Growing Family Business Video Series — in the second half of 2016, we’ll introduce you to our new video series which will be full of insights and examples of ways to grow your Family Business.

We’d love to hear your feedback about our new website. Our aim is to deliver to you as much information as we can to help you to grow your Family Business.

We hope you enjoy our new website as much as we’ve enjoyed putting all the great content together.

This Week’s Tip

You learn something new every day. So, why not check out our website and find out what today’s new learning can do for you.