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Edition 285 – Negativity

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of the constant negativity in the media at the moment. In Sydney at least, the nightly news bulletin is full of bad news, which often isn’t so bad, just delivered in a way that is alarmist and focuses on what’s not working rather than what is.

When you read the paper online (for I don’t know anyone who buys it these days!), the articles are often not factual reporting, but, the reporter’s musings. Off to the side of these pieces is the endless stream of opinion of a limited subscriber base (passed off by the publication as the general populace), often laced with vitriol, poor grammar and factual errors.

For the first time in almost 30 years, I’ve turned off the ABC. The Sydney Morning Herald’s subscription is teetering.

So, as we’re into the sixth week of a nine week (and hopefully no longer) lockdown in Sydney right now, here’s some of the positive things I’ve observed or partaken in since the 26th June.

  1. Trish’s home cooking is exceptional right now. I’m not a curry lover, but the Massaman Beef last weekend was sensational – one of her best. Our sons will attest that her Chocolate Muffins that are only 30 calories each are the standout of this current season of “Home Alone”.
  2. A strict regime of stretching and strengthening exercises each morning and walking in the evening has me feeling fitter than I have done for ages, and is accelerating the repair of the back injury. Seven weeks ago, I was pondering whether I’d enter the phase of chronic pain. I doubt my progress would have been so profound if we weren’t in lockdown.
  3. Wattle Day came and went on the 1st of August. The blooms look sensational this year and it never ceases to amaze me the number of different varieties of this native plant. The glory of Spring is not far away.
  4. The Netflix sitcom, Schitt’s Creek, proved an outstanding recommendation from our youngest son, Fraser, as a way to binge watch our way through the lockdown and finish the day with fun and laughter. By the way, an almost entirely Canadian cast and crew.
  5. When I drop into my favourite cafe in Camden for a takeaway coffee and a delicacy, it’s nice to engage with the owners and staff and check in on their welfare for a few minutes whilst they’re preparing your order. For an industry that is doing it tough, they keep smiling – which means you should too, for most of us are doing much better than cafe owners right now.
  6. Whilst the lockdown is tough on some industries and businesses at the moment, the revenue isn’t lost – it’s just deferred. Come later this year, the spinnaker will be full and the pace will be break-neck to play catch-up.
  7. My model car collection has grown steadily, perhaps harking back to the days of my youth when Matchbox cars of all shapes and varieties were my favourite. When the parcel arrives and Trish asks “why another one?”, I merely direct her towards her shoes in our wardrobe and suggest that it’s starting to look like the Filipino Presidential Palace around here.
  8. The gardens around the home are looking great. Pictures that have required hanging for years are now up on the wall. The front windows are the cleanest they’ve been in ages. That’s one of the side benefits of adult children living at home, also in lockdown.
  9. Trish and I have had our second Astra Zeneca shots. I had a minimal reaction first time around and none the second. Trish, a little under the weather for two days the first time and a day the second time. We’re done and dusted, having played our part towards making our community a safer one. Don’t believe the conspiracy theorists either – our 5G connection at home hasn’t improved!

There’s good news everywhere. Life is full of great stories to tell. It’s just that none of it creates TV ratings or clicks for the traditional or new sources of media. Maybe it’s time to turn off the news so we can turn on some positivity.