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Edition 218 – Grateful

As we head into our third week of Australia being mostly shut, it has me reflecting on the big and small things in my life that I’m grateful for right now that, previously, I may have taken for granted, or not given enough thought to.

I’m grateful for the caring and firm leadership offered by our Governments and their Advisors as we enter unchartered territory, and remain impressed by their stamina and resilience.

I’m grateful for the huge efforts of our health care professionals as they show compassion for those they are caring for, whilst at the same time putting themselves at heightened risk.

I’m grateful the sport of politics has been dumped and Opposition parties across the spectrum are all working for national unity.

I’m grateful for the steady rains we are receiving, which continue to top up our dams, keeps our lawns and gardens well watered and provide us with the distinctive scent which only fresh rain can bring.

I’m grateful for my clients who have been honest in their concerns about their future and in their willingness to seek, take and implement advice.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to spend time with our sons as we tackled a long overdue gardening project over the Easter weekend.

I’m grateful for the new buds and shoots of growth that are already emerging from the labours of our weekend together on our newly planted Gazanias, Geraniums and Yuccas.

I’m grateful for the love and care of my wife, who has been a beacon of support and comfort during the huge increase in busy-ness over recent weeks.

I’m grateful for the unprecedented level of home cooking that we are enjoying, be it Anzac Biscuits, Shepherds Pie or Sticky Date Pudding – though my waistline may not be as grateful.

I’m grateful for the beautiful blue skies that we often enjoy in Australia, but right now, prove how lucky we are to live in this great country.

I’m grateful for my extended group of colleagues and friends locally and internationally, who are a source of inspiration and leadership in their own fields, and with whom I’m fortunate to share phone calls, emails and virtual meetings.

I’m grateful for the sound of the doppler effect I heard early one morning last week as planes flew over our home to land at Sydney Airport, confirming that some of our fellow Australians who would have been trapped overseas, have now returned home safely.

I’m grateful for the incredible colours of the sunrise and sunset, which reinforce what we already know about the beauty of nature.

I’m grateful for the cool mornings which, as they always do, rapidly descend on us from mid March onwards, reminding us that whilst the world has stopped, the seasons continue their onward march.

Every one I speak with at the moment is challenged by what we are all experiencing. Some people are stressed. Some don’t like the uncertainty that has been thrust upon them. However, each of them I speak with still has a laugh about something, or still reflects on something that is working right for them. Gratefulness right now, when we need it the most, may be one of the big societal changes that emanates from our pandemic experiences.

Take a moment to reflect on what you are grateful for right now.
You don’t need to reason it – only acknowledge it.