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Edition 2 – Land of Opportunity

Yesterday, we celebrated Australia Day. Whilst it may be contentious as to what we’re celebrating and the day we celebrate it on, I myself view Australia Day as a time to reflect on what a great country we live in and how fortunate we are to have the lifestyle we all enjoy.

In many ways, Australia Day is all about recognising and celebrating opportunity. Opportunity beckons everywhere, for every person and for every family business.

Australia is well placed, in the Asian region, in the Asian century, to take that opportunity and run with it.

Every family business can be a part of that opportunity as our nation evolves. Our resources are in demand. Our food and wine are considered world class. We are great at pure technology — with ground breaking inventions like the Black Box Flight Recorder and Wifi all developed right here in Australia. And, our services are in demand — legal, financial, banking and other areas of professional expertise.

For those family businesses that can see the opportunity, they will seize it.

For those that can’t, they will continue to lament their lot in life. It’s the Government’s fault. You can’t get good staff. People don’t pay on time. Blah, blah, blah!

I was talking with a client the other day about an opportunity they had in their business. They’re looking to grow and are recruiting for new staff.

Interestingly, they had an enquiry from South Africa. The person was very suitably qualified for the role. Well trained. Had worked for leading employers in their field of expertise. Seemingly held in very high regard.

But it wasn’t their qualifications or professional standing that stood out.

It was their desire to live in Australia. To be a part of our fantastic country. To experience our lifestyle permanently — not just as a visitor as they had done in the past.

They then proceeded to mention a bit of their past. Of why they wanted to leave South Africa. Of the violence they and their family had personally witnessed. Been subjected to. And even worse!

They then proceeded to observe that we live in a safe, organised and well governed country. Those were their exact words.

They expressed their wish to have their young children grow up in a country like Australia and allow them to live the life that we all enjoy as Australians. They talked about their willingness to give up everything they had in South Africa to move to Australia. Everything.

Call it what you like, but the way I see it, this individual saw the Australian way of life as an opportunity that they wanted to be a part of for themselves and for their family. Things that we take for granted, others not only notice, but aspire to.

All this got me to thinking.

  1. Where are the opportunities in your family business that you’re taking for granted?
  2. What are you lamenting could be better for you or your family business, but not actually doing anything about?
  3. If others were to look inside your family business, what gold nuggets would they find that you trip over every day of the week and think they’re just rocks?

This Week’s Tip

Take a moment to stop and think about your business. If you had a magic wand, what 5 things would you do in your business with minimal financial investment, a bit of time and a serious amount of effort to maximise the opportunities that others can see?