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Edition 190 – Two Coffees and a Call

I love working with my clients. They’re all very interesting people. They each have different characteristics about their businesses, even if they’re in the same industries. Their lives are often fascinating, even when they think they’re bland. Their journeys can be incredibly inspiring, when they just might consider the path they’ve taken is normal, perhaps even mundane.

More than anything, I get really excited about the conversations I have with my clients and the ideas that come up that could change their businesses, and their lives, forever.

One client is working on a new product at the moment that could revolutionise not only it’s business, but the ability of people in rural and regional Australia to have access to a cost effective, constant supply of energy. Over coffee, we talked how their offer could be tweaked, creating the potential to quintuple the revenue opportunity. Quintuple – 5 times! Imagine what that would mean for their clients, their business, their family, their employees and their financial future!

The next day, whilst indulging in my extra hot skinny latte at my favourite hangout, I talked with another fantastic client about the possible new service opportunities they could introduce in their business – growing both horizontally and vertically. What we talked about could literally change the way service delivery in their field is offered anywhere in Australia – and possibly globally. How can you not get excited talking about such ground breaking stuff? By the way – not pie in the sky – all very do-able!

The next morning, on my way into the airport for a 6.30am flight, one of my early riser clients had a chat with me on the phone about an opportunity that presented itself to him the previous day. This could double his revenue whilst not detrimentally impacting his business or lifestyle. We spitballed what it would mean for the business and how he should approach the opportunity. So excited was I that I was parked up for 15 minutes before we finished the call. Planes can wait, can’t they? This young entrepreneur is making great progress and we’re talking significant breakthrough stuff in terms of his business model and ideals.

Each of these clients works with me at least fortnightly.

Each of them are looking to be challenged in their businesses and their lives.

Each of them wants to make their mark in life.

Each of them knows that accountability to me ensures they’ll make progress in their endeavours.

Each of them gets as excited as I do.

So, on this Wednesday, what are you doing in your family business that gets you excited about the future for your family business, for your family, for you and for what you are passionate about?

Ideas and innovation are the stuff of growing family businesses.
Opportunity is everywhere – you just need to create the environment to pursue it.