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Edition 31 – Stop Saying No!

I have had the good fortune of working with many great family businesses over the years. The industries may differ. The personalities certainly differ. For me, the part I really like is working with business owners who consider an issue, gather the facts, make a decision and then implement it immediately. No committees. No politics. Just get on and do it.

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Edition 30 – Vision

One of my big criticisms around modern Australian politics is that we no don’t have a clear vision for where Australia is heading as a country. For me, the Hawke, Keating and Howard Governments were all clear on vision.

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Edition 29 – Bogged Down

One of the great joys of working with family business is observing what works and what doesn’t in different businesses. It’s interesting that, irrespective of industry, geography or size, there are issues that apply across a range of family businesses.

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Edition 26 – Magnetic

When I was a young boy, our family never went on a holiday together, ever. I don’t know what the reason was. It just never happened. Even at that young age, I was determined to ensure that, when I grew up, I would take my family on holidays at least once per year.

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Edition 25 – Uncertainty

At the time of writing, there was no clear winner from last Saturday’s Federal Election. Whilst the betting money might be on Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberal-National Coalition just holding on, the chances are it will be the second time in six years the Australian people have voted for a minority government.

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